A few years ago, guitarist/ composer Mario van Schijndel was honoured with a challenging assignment:
Compose the music for a dance made by 3rd year students of the dancing school in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Composing became choreography, choreography became composing.
A wonderful cross-pollination and it turned his world upside down.
He picked up the glove and it became a great success.
The taste of composing, smell of the theater, sensual-exciting challenge of dancing and the desire to perform his own arrangements, kept him in an iron grip.
There must be another outlet for this!
He kept on searching for a totally new way of musical thinking!
Together with his friend and partner, designer Dolly Krabbendam, he considered a totally new theater-concept: “Emotions “.
A fantastic and fantasy-filled experience of music, image, light, voice and dance in a completely new manner of musical thought, combined in a total-theater program.
Music was composed, arranged and recorded. Promotionfilms and videoclips were produced, musicians and dancers arranged. As well, storyboards were prepared, website and cd-covers were designed, texts were written and a new “baby” was born: “Mayor Myx”.


“MaYor MYx”