..A journey  through the hallucinating atmosphere of magical sounds of music, brilliant video- and live-images, mystical dance and breathtaking vocals. A dynamic interaction between guitarist, voice and dancers. Completed with a beautiful game of colour and light….


Welcome in the world of emotion: sorrow, aggression, melangoly, confusion, happiness, uncertainty, parting, deliverance, harmony. Sculptured in the schizofrenic dialogue between harmonic art, visualisation and rhytmn, caught in the compromised beam of light from the spotlight. Between the innumerable ways of energy from this constantly changing theatrical sculpture, Mario van Schijndel with his magisterial music shows you the route. He plays, composes and arranges the many musical images to a complete collection of valuable musical paintings. He conducts the result of music, voice, dance, light and images – and so of emotion- to a magical opus magnum.
To hear emotion, to see emotion, to feel emotion during the vieuw of a constant dialogue between the variance of disciplines.
Emotion and E-motion as the ultimate synergy between the cold electronics of the artistic tools, and the sensual, warm and inspired of body and soul.