In theMaYor MYx webshop there are differentwebshops. In these webshopsyou will find beautiful, funny, nice, inspiring gifts! MaYor MYx  

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Now online!!!
Nice Giftshop of Zzymag' with jewelery and design and the MaYor MYx Giftshop with T-shirts and Music!

Click on Zzymag' and you come directly into the shop!

Click on Zzymag' for Ladies to come in the T-shirtshop of Zzymag'!





A T-shirt and accessories shop with all kinds of prints related to music. Special designs from Dolly Krabbendam!
Curious? Please take a look at the shop and find your unique gift!
Music downloads  

In the downloadshop it is possible to download the entire album of MaYor MYx, but you also can download your favourite number for your iPod for only € 0,99 !

Don't hesitate and take a look!

Mayor Art  

In the Art-shop you´ll find beautiful drawings of Dolly Krabbendam.

After a long time, she picked up the old love for drawing art.
She makes a wonderful drawing of your dearest pet or great love from € 50,00.
Contact me for more information!

Mayor Music   Under construction!
5th Set Up  

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